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Diet for Gastritis patients. Best foods for gastritis patients

Best foods to be avoided by gastritis patients

: Foods to Eat and Avoid

When you have Gastritis,you know how is that bad feeling…When  you suffering from gastritis you have following  symptoms

·   Belching

·   Nausea and vomiting Bloating

·   Feeling of fullness or burning in the upper part of the belly

Foods to Eat When Suffering from Gastritis

·        Broccoli sprouts 

·         Yogurt

·        Fruit & vegetables

·        High-fiber content such as brown rice, oatmeal, barley, whole grain breads and cereals, crackers,    pasta, and cornmeal.

·        Nuts, seeds, dried beans and lentils, and soy-based proteins for your gastritis meal plan.

·        Apple juice, skim milk, and light-flavored, low-fat cheeses

Foods to Avoid When Suffering from Gastritis
·        Coffee
·        Alcohol
·        Tea
·        Spicy foods, including chili and curries
·        Black and red pepper
·         High-fat foods
·        Tomato products
·        Oranges, grapefruit, figs, berries, and dried fruit
·        Junk food
·        Fried food
·        Cured sausages
·        Butter
·        Soft drinks or any drinks with added sugar
·        Carbonated beverages (they increase stomach acid)
·        Citrus and pineapple juice

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