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Forex Trading in Sri Lanka. Do not start forex trading.

Forex Trading in Sri Lanka. Don't do Forex trading without good understanding

Some people and institute are saying they can teach you Forex trading within few days and they will help you to earn money from forex trading in Sri Lanka. But don't be fool. Do not be a cheater. Those racketeer will destroy you. Forex Trading is so danger you will loose your all money. Never do forex trading with these kind of people. they will earn money by referring new people to forex trading. Although you win or lost they will earn money buy you will loose finally. Please share this information with all of your friends.

Forex trading is the easiest way to be a begger or rich person. If you have no good knowledge and If you haven't know the tricks of forex trading never do it. I am telling this by experience. Tongue

FOREX trading in Sri Lanka is surrounded by mystery. For starters, there are confusions about its legality. Then there are things like “The Sakvithi Scam” which naturally makes people reluctant to invest in anything. And then there’s this misconception that it’s gambling and all based on luck. Those three and many other factors make Sri Lankans look at FOREX trading with mistrust.
What is FOREX Trading?

In very simple terms FOREX trading is exchanging one currency for another. And FOREX stands for Foreign Exchange where all the exchanges are happening. But unlike a stock market, there is no central marketplace. Everything is done electronically via computer networks. It’s the worlds largest financial market with over 2000 billion dollars exchanged every day. So now it’s your turn to have a slice of the pie.
Is FOREX Trading Risky?

Yes, it is risky. Almost every trading site has a warning text that says FOREX trading is risky and you might end up losing your investment.

When you buy stocks there is no guarantee that they will go higher. But you or your stock broker will minimize that risk by analyzing past data, the performance of the company etc. Similarly, in Forex trading you can minimize your risks by looking at past trends, setting stop losses etc.

So what about all those stories about people losing all their money in minutes. Yes, you can lose all your money in minutes if you trade foolishly using high leverages. And greedy people usually lose their money this way. It is important to keep in mind that Forex trading is not a get rich quick scheme. You need to be knowledgeable, disciplined, patient and intelligent. If you don’t have these qualities I guess you can stop reading the article now and find something better to do.

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