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How to make Sea Food String Hoppers Biriyani at home

50g boiled hopper
150g prawns which peels away
150g squid
Fish 150g
25g coriander leaves
Beans 50g
50g carrot
Leaks 50g
Onion 25g
Capsicum 25g
Pepper powder 1 tbsp
2 tbsp butter
Coconut milk 1 cup low
50g dried grapes
50g cashew
BIC milled garlic 5
The milled ginger 1 tbsp


All types of fish, cut into small bits, salt, lemon and season have been fine except for deep frying steaming down. Cut off a small piece of thin green vegetables & coriander leaves. Now the golden butter lamp to keep the consistency of the ginger, garlic let fry. Rampe, put together all types of vegetable and keep it for few minutes to be tempered. Put coconut milk. Salt, add pepper, then fried fish. Not put small hopper broke down and mixed well. Now mix small pieces of cashew, coriander leaves and stir dry grapes.

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