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New Guy sayin hello
Okay,Hello, my first comment. I thought I should announce my self. I am 40 years young, married, and we have 1 children. I live in San Diego. I have a job at the larget internet finance company in the United States:]. I love toying RC planes with my kids. I have 18 size 4 wheel drive and a few 4 scale short course trucks and multiple airplanes and heli`s. Anyways, nothing to exciting here. Lol.

Hi,I am Callum Landseer.I am new user to this forum.This is my first comment on this forum.I am teacher in USA.I am 31 year old.

Welcome to this forum. I am also new here and want to become a part of this community. Many people join communities for fun and entertainments. Here I want to get information about many things and information. Hope this community will welcome me.

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